Asp update not updating

When the movie listing appears, make sure that your changes are shown.To make sure that validation is working, click Edit for another movie.

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Obviously, to use named parameters, you have to know the names of the parameters.Web Matrix Intelli Sense can , since errors will be displayed in the validation summary.There's been tons of changes since then but it's still a good overview.This has been a long time coming and is a massive effort to get class library authors to move to the next phase of PCL.Clearly, you have to know the order to pass the parameters in.

(In Web Matrix, Intelli Sense can help you learn figure out the name, type, and order of the parameters.) As an alternative to passing values in order, you can use Named parameters are handy for a couple of situations, especially when a method takes many parameters.Other examples of this include things like making sure we have the right extension methods in places and that it looks like they were designed in a coherent manner (logging is an example).Other small things: This is always ongoing but now that most of the features are done, we have more time to spend on making things like Kestrel (the web/app server) rock solid and secure.When you get to the page, clear the Genre field (or Year field, or both) and try to submit your changes. You'll see an error, as you'd expect: Click the Return to movie listing link to abandon your changes and return to the @grid. We just got everyone internally using builds of Visual Studio that have CLI support this last week. NET CLI (again, replacing DNX) will be the most de-stabilizing change in RC2.