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Clinton was the top choice among Democrats, with 26% naming her, followed by Michelle Obama at 18%.

Republicans did not have a consensus choice -- 5% named Queen Elizabeth, 4% each named Clinton and De Generes, and 3% each named Rice and Palin.

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Implications Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been the most admired man and woman every year since 2008.

Now, as both move into the post-political phase of their careers, their future status as most admired is uncertain.

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Americans are split on whether Donald Trump will do more to unite or more to divide the country.

Show your Suffolk University pride all year long with our authentic assortment of Suffolk University collegiate apparel - including Suffolk University t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and more.Given the prominence of incumbent presidents as the most admired man, Trump may be the favorite to win the distinction next year, provided he does not have low job approval ratings in December 2017.Even if Obama does not win the honor next year, his relative youth and high favorable ratings could make him a fixture in the top 10 for years.Clinton may also be advantaged in the future because she will be in a less overt political role.Her highest favorable ratings to date came when she was first lady and secretary of state, while they fell significantly during her two presidential campaigns.View survey methodology, complete question responses and trends.