Cristiano ronaldo dating kim

Kim is currently in Australia on a promotional tour, and our first insider says Ronaldo has been in touch with her daily."Kim has a lot of experience with long-distance relationships," says the second source.Ironically, Ronaldo is the same soccer stud former BFF Paris Hilton was linked to after her first split from Doug Reinhardt last year.

Somewhere along the way he fathered a child, Cristiano Jnr, but the identity of the young boy’s mother has always remained a mystery and his most serious relationship appears to have been with Irina Shayk who he was seen out with between 2010-15 with his son.

His current girlfriend is Georgina Rodriguez and things look like getting serious after they took a holiday to France but we look at the trophy-women who have punctuated Ronaldo's brilliant football career so far.

The Real Madrid star was named amongst the multiple number of men who’d slept with the E!

reality star and wife to Mr West, Kim K A photo posted to Instagram which has names of 19 or more men has Ronaldo on number 10. Jox (2001) (during her marriage to Damon) Ray J (2002-Compromizing Video made 2003(during her marriage to Damon)-2007) Nick Lachey 2006 Nick Cannon (Sept 2006-Jan 2007)(during her relationship w/Ray J) FONSWORTH BENTLEY (2006-Feb 2007) Marquis Houston (March 2007) Evan Ross (May 2007) Reggie Bush (2006 (during her relationship w Ray J)-2009/2010) Christiano Ronaldo (April 2010) Shengo Deane (April 2010) Miles Austin (June 2010) Michael Copon (October 2010) Jon Mayer (October 2010) Gabriel Aubrey (November 2010) Kris Humphries (m.

Kim dated Ronaldo shortly after her relationship with Reggie Bush ended, she joined him in Spain and the two were seen kissing at a public restaurant..

Now it seems Cristiano Ronaldo has turned his attention to another Hollywood socialite.Onto a loser: Ronaldo tussles with Barcelona's Xavi durnig Real's defeat by their deadly rivals at home last Saturday in the 'Classico'However, Ronaldo said: 'I categorically refute such allegations, which are completely false.There is not one iota of truth in them.''With a game the next day it is more than obvious I spent Friday night resting and on Saturday night my spirit was anything but festive..While this pairing's almost too pretty to be believed, sources say it's true.Not only did the reality star and the Portuguese soccer stud connect in Madrid recently, but one insider tells E!CRISTIANO RONALDO has dated some of the most beautiful and famous women in the world on his journey from dodgy-fringed Manchester United kid to global superstar at Real Madrid.