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I wouldn't say that at such an old age (for a women) I'd liked to be called anybodies fan at all. But, coming back I discovered that I remembered the voice of this guy. I see that he really a smart person in real life, not in drama. As you see the list of movies and dramas above, I watch all of it already. I hope you keep at it and that you have a lot of good luck and happiness. You made my life a little better & I just wanted to say thanks. I'll watch all of your Drama and Movies, I don't know why, but I just want to watch a Japanese Drama If you play a role in it. Same with the other, I thought you are 20 years-old. I used to be a k-drama fan but I was attracted by MIKI's and your charm, your chemistry. Best wishes I wish you & Miki Honoka will be your Girlfriend Forever & Ever.... I really like Yuki Furukawa especially when i watched him on itakiss. Yuki furukawa , im very happy that you are my idol and its my pleasure if you will accept me from being a friend . I'm so happy knowing that Irie Naoki has the same birthday as me, (12th November right? I always dream about you,thinking about you all the day long. Im a big Korean fan of mention it but I'm obsessed with you! Lol i don't know what else to say but if i have something else to say then ill post another comment : D... :) Hello yuki furukawa :)) You know I really really love Mischievous kiss :) I love it and im your fan from philippines many people were enjoy your character as Niccolo , tall and handsome , smart and cool guy Im hoping that you will come here :) thank you Hi yuki furukawa :) I really love mischievous kiss because its so amazing. I hope I could meet him when I go to Japan someday. SO EXCITED ON ITAZURA NA KISS 2 LOVE IN OKINAWA.....:) Hey there Yuki Furukawa. im happy because that my idol im looking for the TV..... I really like your character for Mischievous kiss... If the probability of getting hit by a solid planetary material is one in ten-billion Fans the korea... I hope you and MIki Honoka visit here in the Philippines ... I don't usually do commentaries on my idols especially not on internet because it's pointless that's what but I did it to you anyway. you are my favorite in the show but sometimes you need to be more nice to kotoko but thanks It's so strange. I just so happened to go and look at the cast and when I say Yuki Furukawa I was so surprised. Hello Yuki I am your biggest fan u supper cute not cute hot I wish u the best I hope they like u just as much as I do I feel in love with u when u played in love in Tokyo u r the right person for the job I can't wait to see u in the next episode u r so talented it is astonishing xoxo Fuki, after having watched both Mischievous Kiss, I think you're such a great actor. It was weird a bit at first but then i adjusted to it and fell in love with it. Watashino Namaewa Chelley desu :) I Always Watching Mischievous Kiss/ Itazura Na Kiss Love In Tokyo .. and i really really like your movie titled mischivous kiss .. Ahm blessed you all (cast) and hope you can come here at the philippines. Mischievous Kiss is really a wonderful drama series! I hope that you will see my comment and I want you to visit here in the Philippines. :) hope you will come here with all the cast of Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo. I am Arbelyn a fan from Philippines just like Arlon and all of your other fans here.

suki yo yuki san....:) weve been loving korean drama since 2009 but when we watched itazura love in Tokyo we lost it........don't want to watch anything but love in Tokyo.....and over again ..........never get bored......... you did well.......congratulations to other casts.......staff and producers as thing about it furukawa was a living irie somehow this manga could happen in real life........the first time i saw him in 99 days with a star,n....i said "guy is cute". he's baby face is soo deceiving never thought his 26 years old!!! I love these two so much and actually wished they were together in real life. hope you wil dating her in real life :-) I love him so much in Ita Kiss!! So this is why.." when I knew he lived overseas when he was young.

Yuki Furu Kawa is the cutest japanese actor I've ever seen. I LOVE everything about you Yuki Furukawa ^^ I've watched the version of Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, I really like your acting skills. Honoka-san yet you were able to showed that you really care for her. I don't know how to explain it to you, but you really capture Irie Naoki. I just finish watch itazura na kiss in tokyo ,you act as a Naoki Irie.I really surprise that you and the character too much similar and the result is I fall in love with you,,,heheheehheehe AND i will support you from now... I don't do when"1 day I meet some one like you" cool I think i have the same CHARACTER with kotoko san too...hahaha so Gambatte kudasai Yuki Furukawa I hope can see the next of your movie or drama in the future.....:) fighting ...!!!!!! when I first saw him at Itakiss I really thought his only around the age of 18-20!!! I hope to God it's a mistake on Asianwiki's part about the co stars age. It's quite shocking that he's already in his twenties! I love the fact that he is fluent in both English and Nihonggo! He's a great actor, he really knows how to act the role given to him. Although 9 gap , but you look socute with honoka miki.. But he's so coooool x D And I even forgot he was in Koukou Debut His english was very good in Ita Kiss, and I was like "Ooh..

I think Yuki Furukawa is a delight actor, the handsome boy. Your snobbish look at the series makes me crazy and when you smile, I can't help myself to just simply look at you. Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo replaced the earlier versions of Itazura na kiss in my heart.

And Im Waiting For The New/Second Season Of Itazura Na Kiss , Keep Up The Good Work ! I Love You Irie-Kun HAHART :3 Konnichi wa, watashi no namae wa Ziny Allaba, You dont know me but I know you ..:)Since, I almost done watching your drama series ''MISCHIEVOUS KISS "I hope it will continue..because I "LIKE" it so much !!!!! ii became ur biggest fan when i finished seeing itazurana kiss!! Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo, is such a wonderful love story. I hope that you'll visit our country and stay in Manila because I want to see you in person =) Watashi wa anata o aishite!! feeling excited now for the next part of mischievous kiss love in tokyo... Hey Yuki-Senpai I really like your character in Asuko March at first I was finding you but I already liked your character there I thought that wasnt you Hehe well gomene if I mistaken Aishiteru Yuki-senpai I hope on seeing you Hello YUKI, Im one of your no.1 fan. Miki Honoko you really did your best I saw it because Id also watch your BTS in other words Behind the Scenes you and Ms Miki looks real couple but your not your just friends so I just wanna say hi cause atleast now you know Im also your fan ARIGATO for all great movies,series etc.

he was in high school debut, richman poor woman, asuko march, 99 days with superstar????!!!! but did't find his cuteness back then..gotta dig my dvd collection again to watch those shows!!!! I checked and turns out he's only 25 not 26 Yuki looks young for a 26 year old. If I haven't seen his profile I would've guessed his age is between 17 - 21 y.o. its kinda gross how he is like 10 years older than the girl hes acting with in itazura na kiss..

then i wached itazura na kiss...n im can change from cuties become the coolest one. I really loved his acting at he really is the closest actor who portray Irie Naoki the best (I already watched the Korean & Taiwanese) ... Good acting in Ita Kiss and i like his story telling eyes... and also I'm so impressed by his english speaking b/c few Japanese actors speak fluent english, looking forward see to his next drama no wonder he looks so familiar. ^^ kyaa If you guys don't like it then don't watch it. I mean I wouldn't mind dating someone in their 20's as long as it's not like 27. With this, I think I will put more attention to his acting career!!together with your partner Miki Honoka Konnichi wa, watashi no namae wa Ziny Allaba, You dont know me but I know you ..:)Since, I almost done watching your drama series ''MISCHIEVOUS KISS "I hope it will continue..because I "LIKE" it so much !!!!! iafter that i decided to see all the movies and dramas starred by you they were all amazing !!! I watched this series in Japanese language, and it is way better than the aired/dubbed version. I love itazura na kiss love in tokyo,for me,it's more nice than the movies i've been watch before... Miki was a perfect match...i also love the theme song of itazura na kiss, Appudeto (apdate) by: SABAO...... I hope mischievous kiss have part two and Im willing to wait for it. you did I always watch it keep it a goodwork ^_^... together with your partner Miki Honoka Kon'nichiwa, YĆ«ki Furukawa. i am a high school student and ur recently became biggest fan from india !!! I hope you could be here in the Philippines w/ Miki Honoka. i just don't think it's appropriate, but i still like the drama.. i've watched all the drama series of itazura na kiss (1996's japan, taiwan, korean).currently 2013's japan, seriously i think yuki furukawa as irie naoki is the closest character to the manga/! But pity I don't remember his role in "Rich Man, Poor Woman." (We're not even sure if they are going to include the honeymoon scene so relax) Hold up. this guy is 10 years older than his costar in itzanura kiss. i mean like shes 16 and hes like 25 and they have to kiss and act like a couple.. I'm from Philippines :) I just finished watching this series an hour ago and I took 1 day abd Half to watch :) because the series is so addictive that I can't help it but keep watching :) and I am so surprised after reading the other comments that it'll having season 2 :))) can't wait to watch it OMG! ^_^ Please answer if u can lol I've only just randomly had to write this because I desperately love u and ur films!!!! Hehe x ^_^ ~Instagram name: selin_ozgulleciler, if u have it I'm desperate to know ur name!!! -Love Cing i love your acting on Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo | Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo, i like your style, i like your face, you really cute...... Naoki which man becomes cold, cool, smart and highly admired throughout the school but did not eliminate the inhabitants of your face like a cute little boy. This is only what I observe to your performance and to others. My sister introduced me your live action series, which is Mischievous. Hope you could visit Philippines to see you personally. You're not handsome but your face is pretty cute.... I really like the show itazuta an kiss but don't watch the korean version the japanese version is way better I watched it but I didn't get to watch all the japanese version yet yuki san,actually i love Naoki Irie character and i fall in love with him..i saw the anime...i started think is there in this century have a guy like him...itazura na kiss (anime) i saw 2009i search for Japan version...drama still can't find..until the Korean version came out first..still i want the japan version..right know.. that's NOT Okay especially because that drama requires a honey moon scene and a minor should not be playing a role like that. The first time I saw him was in Itazura Na Kiss - Love In Tokyo, and so far, his acting's really good! So cool , great acting , look so young & his deep voice make me melting..