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I’ve gone through many of these pages, and I find that a lot of you including some from my own friends list had actually ‘Liked’ these pages.

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You trust that your EX5 Macha will keep it secret ?

Some skimpy pictures are uploaded directly to FB, for maybe you liked the attention.You can point your guns to me now saying that I’m actually blaming the girls for this, but really, I’m talking from a practical point of view.Hundreds of these girls are posing with sometimes nothing in their body, I mean why the need for this?I’m absolutely not supporting the guys behind this, all I’m trying to tell you is don’t give them the opportunity.Please don’t start implying that I’m asking you to be fully clothed and take care of your behavior in social network, I did not say that.You see, many of you had written to me about this issue. I’m going to be very direct and blunt in discussing this, and it might contradict with what you . I tell you, some of these girls are fucking stupid.