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This reporter was pleasantly surprised when, as part of the arts and culture news crew, he recently visited Simchembu in Gokwe North only to find that the impression created by films and the media of a weird race of people addicted to tobacco and drugs is completely different to the facts on the ground and therefore suggests that we have a rethink.This reporter has seen pictures of so-called Tonga girls; bare breasted and toothless, tribal markings on their faces, barefoot and clad only in colourful intricately woven beads aprons, necklaces, arm and leg bands and heavily tattooed, half naked women puffing away at their calabash pipes, reeds piercing their faces and ring worm infestations in their hair.

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Tongan Olympic flag bearer Pita Taufatofua stole the hearts and impure thoughts of people all across the world during the Opening Ceremony by walking through Maracana Stadium oiled and shirtless.You would think a grown man’s exposed nipples and muscly chest would have been newsworthy for less than a minute, but the thinks you’re wrong.As NBC didn’t actually get around to discussing it, here’s a little bit about Taufatofua.Taufatofua made history for his country by becoming the first ever Tongan athlete to qualify in Taekwondo for the Olympics.Taufatofua is Tonga's first ever taekwondo Olympic athlete, and works part-time as a male model and youth counsellor in his hometown.

The internet has since dubbed the flag bearer the "Tongan Hulk Hogan".Apart from training and modelling part-time, the athlete has dedicated almost his entire adult life to working in homeless shelters with underprivileged children.He also has a degree in engineering, and is currently working on finishing his Masters.Unfortunately he was drowned out by the whooping and cheering of onlookers.People watching at home weren’t so impressed, however – and made the point that if the genders had been reversed things would have been very different.A snap survey by this publication revealed that some sectors of the media seem to take pride in painting a false picture of the Ba Tonga people.