Updating panasonic sa bt200 player

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; First go here to verify have ver 1.9 firmware installed - resetting the unit by turning off the unit, holding down -the fast forward (advance), power button, and open/close buttons for about 5 seconds, until see PLEASE WAIT displayed.

Older devices may ask you to go to netflix.com/activate to set up your device.

Will have to contact Panasonic to get back the old version or a patch to fix the new one.

Assuming was all working before the firmware update, it is possible the new software loaded is setup only for dvd and not blu ray...

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Navigation On most devices, Netflix lets you browse through rows of TV shows and movies, including a row dedicated to your My List selections.

Each row represents a category (Comedies, Dramas, TV shows, etc) that we present to you based on what you’ve watched.

When I first started looking at HTIB systems, I was considering both of these, and having a hard time deciding on which one to buy.

So, I thought I would write up a comparison review for anyone in a similar situation.

It was a near-flawless performer in our cooling tests.

SC-BT200Sound Quality: B Blu-Ray: ADVD: A Volume: B Features: A-Setup: BEase of Use: A (viera link)SC-BT300Sound Quality: A Blu-Ray: ADVD: A Volume: A Features: A-Setup: BEase of Use: A (viera link)Through an odd confluence of events, pricing, and holiday discounts, I have had the good fortune to get a good deal on Panasonic's SC-BT200, then return it for a great deal on the SC-BT300.

I know they say to be patient and it takes 45 mins etc but mines been going for 9 hours now.