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I need mustard and sauerkraut.’ These crazy Jewish deli cravings hit me so hard. ”Longtime friends, Prepon, 37, and Foster, 36, began dating last summer and announced their engagement in October.

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Do you think they’re a better fit than Piper and Alex? Whatever you do — even if you’re doing a Square Dance — they have to bring in a dance choreographer, you know what I mean? How did you get involved in Neighbros, your web series? So Taylor and I could have come up with a funny, retarded dance — sorry, I know I shouldn’t use that word — but most of the time, no matter what it is, you have to bring in a choreographer. We’ll talk about that when we’re having a cocktail or something. The lead guy with the shaggy hair [Scott Michael Foster], that’s my ex-boyfriend. We’re business partners; we have Neighbros together. I direct it, I edit it, we write it together — it’s me, him, and our other friend Jaime [Jorn] — and it’s just this really fun thing we’d do on our free time. I want to pull at this "guy friends" thread a little more, because you’ve said it before in other interviews. Like, I remember one of my best friends, I brought him to my aunt’s wedding in Jersey, and I had warned him, “Listen, at some point in the night, Meatloaf’s ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’ is going to play — and we do a dance to it.” And he’s like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.” At the end of the night, it was played. Most fans, however, didn’t know the low-key couple were even dating. But also with Taylor, Jenji was like, “We’re doing your version of Piper. Honestly, whatever she’s doing, she’s definitely in a position of power. She’s all about survival; she loves that whole [drug] world because she was in control of it.

I did want to meet her, but they were like, “That’s not possible.” So I don’t know where the hell she is. I know that I look nothing like the real Alex, whereas Taylor, you can see the resemblance between her and the real Piper. In the scene where Alex and Piper are talking about whether or not you could have a future together, Alex says something like, “I’m good at moving large amounts of heroin.” Is that what she's doing?Speculation was at an all-time high as she flashed the new sparkler — and as it turns out, this one is the real deal, sources confirm to PEOPLE. Laura arrived at the film premiere wearing a turquoise lace dress with a partially sheer skirt that hit just below her knee, as well as earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet from Forevermark Diamonds, and a large round solitaire on a thin pavé yellow gold band.If this is the first time you’ve even heard about these two dating, you’re not alone. She then moved onto a different Foster, actor Scott Michael Foster, from 2008 to 2013. The two had an on-and-off three-year relationship, getting engaged in January 2014 before splitting after 11 months.They reconciled a few months later, but ultimately broke off their engagement in August 2015.“Growing up, my father would take us to this deli and we would get pastrami sandwiches on rye, and we would drink Dr. “And what’s so funny is I haven’t eaten that stuff in years, and since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve been craving this Jewish deli food, with like the pickles and the sauerkraut and the mustard.